Fuji Light Summer Weight BJJ Gi

Fuji's all new Lightweight Pearl weaver BJJ Gi is highly recommended for hot weather training and meeting the weigh-in requirements at tournaments. It also helps reduce the body's temperature during training allowing you to perform with less fatigue. Its authentic pearl weave means it's strong, light and still traditional. The Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi has been crafted using Pre-Shrunk fabric (95% Pre-Shrunk) and sports a rubber collar keeping the inside of the collar dry for quicker drying time, strong and robust and more resistant to mildew.

The minimal decoration means more room for your own patches or your choice to sew on the 2 patches to come free with the get. Fuji Gi's are built with comfort and durability in mind and are made with the same perfect cut BJJ as all FUJI Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi products.

All new Lightweight Pearl Weaver BJJ Lightweight Gi
Great for hot weather training and meeting the weigh-in's
Helps reduce the body's temperature for less fatigue
95% Pre-Shrunk for better fit
Rubber collar for quicker drying time
Comes with Jacket, Pants, and no Belt